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Mr Slater and Mr Porter

Photos by Mr Porter If you’re not already familiar with Mr Porter then do yourself a favour and steer clear.  It’s a meticulously designed, romanticised shopping atlantis, that’s been created with one purpose: to flex...

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Yesterday at Lowers

What do you get when you combine a day long of filming, head high south swell, lowers and the world’s best?  A hell of a lot of clips. Here, the elite battle the crowds over...

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Jamie O’brien Indo Foamed

Here’s some unconventional recreational foam.  Jamie O’brien continues to push the limits of what’s possible on a Catch Surf sled. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Miguel Tuleda Si Senor

The Surf 4 Peace group, originally founded by surfing philanthropist Doc Paskowitz in 2004, will hold its annual Surfing 4 Peace summit in Biarritz this year. The Surf 4 Peace group, originally founded by...

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Patty Curren, style is hereditary

Pat Curren’s the 19 year old son of three time world champ Mr Tom Curren. This may not be the most high performance edit but the elements of style and flow are ever-present. Read...

The Skit Returns To Surfing!

The Skit Returns To Surfing!

“The movie started when Duncan McNicol and I were driving up to Cabba in his panel van,” says filmmaker Toby Creegan.  “We were talking about this years oscar nominations, and he launched into a...