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The Candy Shoppe: 25% off at SurfStitch

Unless you’re Steve Jobs and you’re too busy counting your money to change out of that black turtle neck, Imma not let you finish. We like you, no man can own too many leashes...

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Frederico Morais: Day in Day out.

There’s not many surfers in the world that have a perfect track record against Kelly Slater, Frederico does though and is apart of that 1 percent who’s never lost to the king.  Granted the...

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We all like to fly

Lensman Stu Gibson doesn’t leave home without his drone, and starts 2015 as a licensed operator. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Andrew Doheny: Leftovers

They’ll throw together a clip to some Hanz Zimmer, of b-roll nonetheless, and you’ll like it. We sure do. Droid and his crew of metal-neck hell-raisers aren’t all metal, all the time. Read more here: Stab...

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Photolyfe: Jon Frank

The way Frank sees and captures movement through his viewfinder, whether it’s a wave or a mannerism, is profoundly unique. The term ‘pro’ swings through surfing on a loose hinge and surf photographer’s habitual...