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Aaron Lieber’s Contest-winning RED Film

THE WILD is a short-ish film from Aaron Lieber starring Noah Beschen aka the kid who’s pigdog style makes John John Florence comparisons really hard to avoid.  Shot entirely on RED Dragon 6k cams (duh,...

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Shark attack in San Luis Obispo, California

Officials closed the beach for 72 hours. “The bite may only be 30 percent of the actual jaw,” Ralph Collier the shark expert told the SLO Tribune.  “You could be looking at an animal...

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Spice Market: Hossegor

A short drive and active looking will see you and your pals splitting peaks and slapping high fives with no one around. “It’s kind of like you’re on an easter egg hunt,” says Taylor....

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Reaping the rewards of West Oz

Oh, West Oz; the gurgling pleasures of a throaty, wet Aussie lover.  Here Damien Hobgood, Bede Durbidge and Keanu Asing indulge in the Indian Ocean’s finer offerings. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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How to Bali with Da Guy

Da Guy’s latest edit comes as a result of him telling every filmer he sees at the beach, “you better fucken shoot me and give me the clip for free otherwise I’II kick your...

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Surfing’s Good Guys and their Greatest Fears

Surf fear comes from all angels: the waves, the reef, the weather, the distance from land, the water temp, the big fish, and sometimes even just from the somewhere feeling indescribably ‘spooky. ’ In...