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How to catch a wave every 3 minutes

Also within the hour, our boy sped down the line for a collective one mile. “It was cool, knowing I was keeping track of my session made me want to get as many waves...

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Sean Holmes in Juicy

However, it’s difficult not to find a fiendish pleasure in watching men in lifejackets getting skittled by a big blue monster. Enjoy, you sadists! 15 year old, San Diego local Mr Ryland Rubens took...

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A Grand don’t come for free

I used to go out and spend like $500 bucks a week on piss, then I’d think, “What am I doing? ” But I feel that if you travel as much as I have...

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Body Glove

Alex Gray: “Pee in your wetsuit your first surf, it’s good luck. Don’t leave your wetsuit in your car for a month while gone on a surf trip. And, accompanied by every tip you...

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Longplayer: “Unchartered”

One camp trip up north we were doing swims out to the boat with our gear and the swell was large so we had to go a fair ways offshore. That was my first...

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How to spend the most time in the water

But she’s young; her body’s still rubber, and she takes complete advantage of it. “I used to record my sessions every day, but I’ve been traveling a lot recently so I haven’t been recording...

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Timmy Reyes; Canada

In this edit from O’Neill, Ian Crane joins Timmy on a road trip from California to Canada. Timmy Reyes isn’t new to Cold water excursions. Just look at his beard. The thing is Rugged!...

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The Stab X RVCA Coach Jacket

They’re best known as Coach jackets – featherweight but surprisingly durable, and surf trip jackets don’t come much more packable. But we never know if we’re hot or cold so we chose a jacket...

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Diego Santos and Nias in September

Diego Santos scored Nias during his last trip there back in September.  That wave is a straight-up below-sea-level steamtrain. Read more here: Stab Mag