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So About This New Samsung Surfboard.

Time to literally call up phone-board and see which GPS readout registered a higher speed (of course, Julian and Wilko have to be riding patented Samsung sleds in the first place for this to...

Rail-Game of Thrones: Conner Coffin Wields Knife

Rail-Game of Thrones: Conner Coffin Wields Knife

Charming young Santa Barbaran — and, according to the current WSL rankings, the second best nugget in the world — Conner Coffin displaces large chunks of Pacific Ocean in a royally impressive edit courtesy of YoungWiseTails. Read more...

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Five Not-So-Shithouse Things About the Oi Rio Pro

And it’s so easy—the peaky, less-than-perfect beach break of Barra da Tijuca; the rumours of pros pulling out because of all the zika-infected turds floating through the line-up; the flagrant attempt on the WSL’s...