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Sunshine in the rearview: Bruce Wins The Eddie

It’s the day before Quiksilver’s Eddie Aikau event. “No one knows that if this didn’t happen, then I probably wouldn’t have won,” opens Bruce Irons. “We were playing poker at the Billabong house in...

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Bouncing, with Bruce Irons

We wanted to see him move, we wanted that small-wave style we all fell in love with back in the Campaign days. We wanted to hang out and see him surf waves under six...

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Pipe, Nov 18th from the water

The UK boys; Toby Donachie, Luke Dillon, Rhys Barfield and Angus Scotney treck their way up to Northern Scotland and indulge in the hollow fare the north has to offer. The UK boys; Toby Donachie, Luke...