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#TOURNOTES: The Eddie Preview

The Eddie runs tomorrow and the boys are gearing up.  Here we get John John Florence on the proper leash and eject buttons, Sunny Garcia on the ‘beast’ of a Pyzel he’s riding and Kelly...

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Here’s a required dose of John John Florence:

“The most stressful time for me is right before my first heat at Pipeline,” says John John Florence of the Hawaiian winter.  “Cause the pressure’s on. But that first heat is definitely the most...

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John John Florence for Fox Sports

Our dear John stars in another commercial!  No, he’s not a superhero this time… John’s got his trusty Pyzel under his feet and is giving it a proper glide. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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John John Florence and the Log Cabins affair

And now; roughly two minutes of Mr Florence tearing apart Logs a few days back.  No thanksgiving food coma slowing him down, he just applies his knowledge to the wave he knows so well. Read...

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Comments Of The Week, Edition 21

As always, you make our words seem pathetic in contrast to yours and our highlights this week came in from: John John Florence, Kelly Slater, and… more of those two. © Stab Magazine since 2003. Read...