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BWT Puerto Escondido Challenge Called On

Today, the World Surf League (WSL) Big Wave Tour placed the Puerto Escondido Challenge on Green Alert to commence on Friday, June 24 (Saturday 25th in OZ) and potentially run through Saturday June 25...

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5 Best Surf Trips for Under $400 Right Now

While most credit the Hawaiians for bringing surfing to the world, few realize that Peruvians of the town of Huanchaco have been riding waves with fishing boats made of reeds for over 2000 years–pre-dating Ancient...

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The People & Parties of Surf Summit 19

It’s been 19 years since the first Surf Summit commenced, resulting in an annual tradition of industry leaders venturing to Mexico to surf, talk shop, and party. Read more here: Business     

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Mitch Crews’ Californian Gap Year

The energetic natural-footer’s been residing in the freakshow metropolis for the past year with his beautiful Hawaiian squeeze, Kelia Moniz, and the kid’s been enjoying more than just the wild nightlife and close proximity...