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6 Times Jet Ski Drivers Totally Blew It

Then, of course, everything went wrong. “So there was, like, a chop on top of the wave; it was kind of stormy and crossed up, making these little waves on top of the waves,”...

Shane Dorian’s Son is a Real-Life Lost Boy

Shane Dorian’s Son is a Real-Life Lost Boy

But in a world that is becoming increasingly sheltered, exploring real life, getting hurt, and learning how to really live is something of a rarity. “That’s how little boys should grow up,” says Dorian....

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My Old Man: Between Pulses with Shane Dorian

Covering Shane’s relationship with his son, his passion for hunting and how a near drowning compelled him to help design the inflatable wetsuit, it’s compelling viewing. Matt Meola’s highlight real is required viewing, especially...