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World Tour Surfers Witness Shooting In Rio

World Tour Surfers Witness Shooting In Rio

Stephanie Gilmore, Keanu Asing and Dusty Payne were also nearby at the time of the incident. “It was me, Carissa and a couple guys from Hurley,” Coffin told Stab Mag. “At first I thought it...

Surfer Attacked By Shark In Bali

Surfer Attacked By Shark In Bali

This week’s incident is thought to be the fifth such attack at the rivermouth spot in the last five years, and occurred, like most of the others, at a time when the sea was...

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Oliver Kurtz, Cinematic Back Beaches, NSW

Things may change when he’s older, but for now he ain’t shot much he digs: “I get sick of looking at stuff,” he says. “But, I guess the first remote flash shot I had...

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Oliver Kurtz and the freesurfer’s dilemma

You see those kids that act like they don’t care and just acting like it’s all “whatever,” they know damn well that they’re making 200k or more a year, and know exactly what’s going...

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Craig Anderson raises a point in NSW, Australia

But, there was a perfect air wind. ” The last fortnight on the east coast has brought funky weather with it, and with recent storms ravaging Craig’s hometown of Newcastle, it’s hardly surprising to hear...

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Rip Curl

And, accompanied by every tip you might need to ensure your new rubber lives a long and happy life, as told by those who really know. Lovingly photographed, worn by some of your favourite...

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Down Days! Charming Snakes in Marrakesh

The Gudang Bro’s are at it again.  This time they explore the labyrinth of alleyways and streets in Marrakesh, then venture to The Atlas Mountains. Read more here: Stab Mag