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Diego Santos, Hawaii

… And the Hawaiian wrap clips come coming.  This one is from Diego Santos, a Brazilian gent who really knows how to place himself under the rush of a Hawaiian lip. Read more here:...

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ONeil Test

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Goat Track!

Prior to the Quiksilver Pro, Gold Coast’s starting buzzer, Taj Burrow, Jay Davies and Oli Kurtz climbed into a truck and went tripping along the NSW east coast. Jay is sporting a bunch of...

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Vasco Rebeiro is the world’s best junior

He’s clearly ripped more than a couple pages out of Tiago Pires’ book, but has that extra edge of young-knees. The 2014 junior world champ is a machine, simple as that. Technically speaking, Vasco...

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Stephanie Gilmore, flawless in Harper’s Bazaar

Ms Gilmore’s candid as ever; I just love it when interviews are so blatantly conducted via email. “As Marilyn Monroe once said,” quotes Stephanie, “I don’t mind living in a man’s world, as long...

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Sequence You’ll Love: Yago Kicks and Spins, Indonesia

Everyone’s seen Yago Dora do some freakish shit. “We were in Indonesia last week filming for Psychic Migrations, Volcom’s newest full-length feature,” explains photographer Tom Carey on the sequence above. “We already have some...

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A Surf Gal We Adore: Victoria Vergara

But things have changed, I became more confident with who I am, and started enjoying modelling.  I’m really living my dream, it’s just hard for me to say that I’m a model, it feels...

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Surfaid’s Surfify

In partnership with Spotify, SurfAid has released a revolutionary new fundraising campaign called ‘Surfify. ’ Surfify’s an album available on Spotify featuring the relaxing sounds of the ocean so you can donate while you sleep....

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Raw and unfiltered Teahupoo!

Red Bull, generous as they are, have compiled the best Teahupoo waves of 2015 and it’s as good as you’d think. Featuring all the gents you might assume, and fabulous colours. south wall holds way...