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Diego Santos and Nias in September

Diego Santos scored Nias during his last trip there back in September.  That wave is a straight-up below-sea-level steamtrain. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Here’s the wave that sent G-Mac to hospital

On waves of this size, the water rushes up the face so hard that it becomes wildly difficult (see also: impossible) to penetrate when you go down. This morning, Garrett McNamara tried to knife...

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Luke Gordon all wrapped up in Hawaiian blue

Mr Gordon’s 16, hailing from South Carolina, here he trades the Atlantic chill for the warm Pacific juice. Some sort of quasi-controlled chaos is taking place as El Niño keeps pumping through the island. Read...

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Crime Wave in Crescent Head?

But I don’t see it, it’s not evident in Crescent Head, but in areas of Kempsey it’s an underlying current.  Around 25% of Australian prison inmates are aboriginals, and they only make up 2....

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The art and mind of Danny Fuller

Mr Fuller hails from Kauai and splits his time between the North Shore, Los Angeles and New York. As an ocean centered artist the beauty of Oahu serves as a constant inspiration. Read more...