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The largest swell in 18 years is hitting Hawaii

The long period energy will be harnessed and controlled with a size that has potential to be the biggest swell ever surfed, and tow teams are already preparing at Jaws. Because of this, North winds...

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A Moment’s notice: Kolohe x Dino

This year has seen Kolohe mature more, move comfortably into the top 10 and find his game in serious surf. This new series is called A Moment’s Notice, and features Mr Reinol “Dino” Andino, father to Kolohe. Read...

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Dale Staples: Namibia

South Africa has had one of it’s better winters in recent history. Namibia has broken a handful of times and J bay was pumping just last week. A time of year when it should...

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Trunk Talk, with Carson Wach (Hurley)

Welcome to Trunk Talk, a mini documentary series from Stab and SurfStitch that details the lives of gents who make the trunks we surf in. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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The Brixton Boys, East Coast

Here’s Oliver Kurtz, Troy Elmore and Skip McCullough, who are the Brixton Boys, which sounds like a badass gang but is actually just three very good surfers who surf fast and loose under the Brixton banner....

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Trunk Talk, with Ollie Edwards (SurfStitch)

And these are the worlds we explore in Trunk Talk. *This episode doesn’t feature a trunk designer per se: Ollie is the savvy gent who curates the wildly varied selection on SurfStitch, Oz’s most...