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Dane Reynolds, Space For Rent in Hawaii

The Hawaiian frame grab (from the lens of Dane’s longtime film guy Mini Blanchard) popped up on DR’s insty today with the caption, “Down the rabbit hole. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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What Jaws looks like from below:

It breaks about 300 yards out, the inside section will have you paddling backwards and frantically licking the brain freeze out of the roof of your mouth.  Early this week OB saw a mix of...

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Every day’s a lay day with Rob Machado

He was a people’s favourite back when he was on tour, and that hasn’t changed much; he’s still one of the styliest surfers in the game. Then contest’s been called off for the past...

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John Florence, 4:43pm yesterday, Pipeline

Last night, Pipeline came on some. “Things have mellowed out big time around here but the surf hasn’t been too great either,” says North Shore-based photographer Laserwolf. “The size is there, but things have...

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Marc Lacomare, your soul and mine

It’s a nice break from the typically electro heavy edits that come out of Europe.  Here we get the Hossegor local displacing and keeping water in the right place at France’s most famous beachie....