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Bureaucracy and the Boat Trip

Bureaucracy and the Boat Trip

Come August the local authorities are implementing new regulations that limit the amount of surfers per break and will require extra fees to surf them. “Currently, many surfers must compete against each other to secure...

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Why Maya Gabeira Is Still Surfing

Almost one year after Maya Gabeira nearly drowned at Nazare in Portugal, she is still surfing and still stunning.  We haven’t heard her speak candidly about that day too much, and especially not about...

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Coming Soon: Stephanie In The Water

Her escalating world dominance was interrupted by a violent home invasion, and the return to form hasn’t been an easy one, but Steph’s now back where she should be: schooling the majority of the...

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Dick with a Smile: Mason Ho!

One afternoon as Mason sat in his room playing video games with one of his puppy-love girlfriends, Burger came a-knocking. “He wanted me to go surfing and I remember thinking for the first time,...

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Very Good European tubes

He may not be your favourite surfer on the world tour but there’s no denying how good Aritz Aranburu is in the tube. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Photolyfe: Quang Le

Quang Le is connected to our world through companies like Stance Socks (which you’ll find on the feet of John John Florence and others), and though he ain’t a surf shooter, he is an...