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10 year old boy attacked by shark in Oahu

This happens all too often… A ten year old boy was attacked by a shark yesterday off Makaha Beach in Oahu while riding his boogie board. “I saw this ten-year-old boy get bumped out...

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David Eggers, Dead at 45

Eggers first entered the surfing consciousness following a scintillating junior career in which he racked up an incredible 225 trophies, including 150 first place finishes. Eggers in happier times. Read more here: Stab Mag...

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How to spend the most time in the water

But she’s young; her body’s still rubber, and she takes complete advantage of it. “I used to record my sessions every day, but I’ve been traveling a lot recently so I haven’t been recording...

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Mick Fanning wins least user-friendly QS event!

The biggest scores at Sunset come from getting anywhere near the lip, or finding a barrel that doesn’t pinch– two things that aren’t on offer every wave. “I’ve gotten so close so many times,...

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Andy Criere, Aurora Aquitania

It breaks about 300 yards out, the inside section will have you paddling backwards and frantically licking the brain freeze out of the roof of your mouth.  Early this week OB saw a mix of...

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Ross Williams Headbutts Reef at Haleiwa

Stab’s equal second favourite WSL commentator (1st Blakey. 2nd Williams/Turpel. 3rd Mel…33rd Wasilewski) Ross Williams will require plastic surgery after going head first into the reef at Haleiwa this morning.  Ross paddled out at...

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Clay Marzo in the morning time

Mr Marzo must be a magician.  Here we get three sessions with Clay at a wave that’s not so easy to surf. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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It’s Cold on the Outer Banks

One of those days where you make a lot of noise, but coherent words don’t spill from your lips. Very cool……. turned off the sound……but still very cool. Here Shane Burn, Dylan Kowalski and Evan Barton...