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The future is young and running wild

The kid from San Clemente, like his brother digs on the Hawaiian power. “I broke three boards in one week,” he said, but when you’re 14 and charging Pipe and Backdoor you’re bound to...

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Mitch Coleborn through a refreshed lens, QLD

In this case, Mitch Coleborn. “Fuck man, my comeback’s been anything but elegant,” laughs Matt. “I drove like a six-hour round trip to go shoot with Chips (wilson) the other day and encountered the...

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Win a trip to one of the World’s Best Beachbreaks

We’ve decided that in the spirit of breezy-living, we’ll be gifting one lucky reader and a pal a trip to one of the locations on our World’s Best Beachbreaks list. Over the past few months, Corona Extra and Stab...