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High praise from Handhu

G’Day Surfer peeps, The Indian Ocean season is well underway, we’re getting feedback from the lucky few that have been on trips already and so far the news GREAT! As an example take these...

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How to GoPro with Mikala Jones

I’ve been on trips when I need a GoPro clip, and even though there’s someone shooting me, the waves have been so long that when I pass the cameraman, I’ll pull out my GoPro...

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Billabong Bloodlines: Sumbawa

The third of three development trips that’ve also featured stints in Tahiti and Hawaii, Bloodlines is all about making young surfers even better. Read more here: Stab Mag     

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Mitch Crews’ Belt of Pain

If left untreated it can cause the base of the spine and the pelvis to fuse, rendering the patient void of lower back moment. “Think hunchback of Notre Dame,” says Crews. “When you see...

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Leila Hurst Goes North

Even if only a waist-high wave, listening to Kelly talk about the things he sees is more than mildly interesting and probably better than most the other things you’ll do once the live feed ends. Fair?...